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Your culinary adventure starts here!

When food is on your mind. When food is not just about filling the belly. Eating is as much about different flavours and delicious dishes are your destination, Connect Cuisine is the perfect guide for your gastronomic treasure hunt!

Why do you ask?

Connect Cuisine is the only web service with a mission to spread happiness by helping Singapore travellers and residents alike share their love of food. Food that’s mixed with the stories of the people and their culture. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Are you eager to know what it’s like to live in Paris from the perspective of its residents? Or how Singapore’s renowned Black Pepper Crab tastes when made by a local? Stop imagining and start experiencing when the hosts of Connect Cuisine share their personal experiences with you!

We bring a unique concept to the table by allowing foodies to experience local Singapore cuisine from the passionate home cooks that know it best.

We are often asked “What inspired Connect Cuisine? Where did the idea come from?” We believe that bonds made over meals last a lifetime. In today’s global ecosystem, everyone deserves the chance to make friends with people of different nationalities.

After all, travelling is much more than just exploring places and culture. It is about tasting a unique family recipe, listening to others’ stories, and connecting with people. Multiple experiences like these spread over decades and multiple destinations gave us our Eureka moment!

We wanted to help local hosts meet hungry travellers and enable the experience of sharing a meal with like-minded people. Preparing and enjoying food is a bonding ritual worldwide. It is our mission to facilitate that ritual in Singapore and beyond.

With Connect Cuisine, it’s about food connecting people, breaking boundaries, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Connect Cuisine

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