“Makan?” meaning “Have you eaten?”

A classic Singapore greeting, we at Connect Cuisine extend it now to you. Whether you are a traveller, a Singapore native, or someone who considers Singapore your home away from home, you’re seeking the same thing: the best food in Singapore and the most authentic way to experience it!

In Singapore, two new restaurants open every day. You can always try another Singapore restaurant...why not explore something different?

Connect Cuisine is a simple platform that makes it easy for passionate home cooks of Singapore to share their talents with guests.

With a free guest account, you can choose from a diverse selection of culinary events being hosted by Singapore residents! You’ll be able to view the menu and pricing, and reserve seats at a table that intrigues you!

The team at Connect Cuisine verifies every host and tastes their food to guarantee a positive experience for our guests. We also provide a five-point rating system for hosts so guests can leave reviews and help guide others to enjoy amazing Singapore food.

Connect Cuisine is completely free to sign up, and we offer access to a range of unique Singapore dining experiences. When you attend an event, you gain the opportunity to connect with other food enthusiasts and share incredible stories about the best food in Singapore. Memorable meals aren’t just about fantastic food—they’re about the people you share them with.

Try Connect Cuisine, try a new dish, and learn how a group of like-minded foodies find themselves enjoying a meal in beautiful Singapore.

So...have you eaten?

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