Do you love cooking? Do you enjoy inviting people to share meals in your home? Are you proud to be a citizen of the world with unique cultural insights to share with others?

If the answer is yes, then you can do what you love and earn money with Connect Cuisine!

Connect Cuisine is a simple online platform created to bring food and culture enthusiasts together over dinner tables everywhere in Singapore.

As a host, you’ll be able to craft your menu and set your price while Connect Cuisine makes it easy for travellers and locals to sign up for your culinary event!

Access to the platform comes with NO signup costs—Connect Cuisine only collects a small operational fee after guests have committed to your meal.

If you are excited about spreading the magic of your country’s food culture through cooking and you love meeting new people, Connect Cuisine is the perfect way to turn your talent for hospitality into a source of income.

Don’t forget-Connect Cuisine is FREE to sign up. You can explore the site, create a profile, and consider your options before setting up your first meal. At Connect Cuisine, we are truly passionate about bringing diverse culinary explorers together.

As you might say to a cautious dinner guest...try it! You’re going to love it!

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