The Bohri Thaal


Total 8 Seats
S$ 48.00



Come and taste a Hyderabadi Meal served in a traditional Bohri Thaal. Enjoy 7 unique curated dishes. The full menu for the day features the unique Bohri dish dal-chawal-palidu: 1. Welcome drink (home made from scratch to whet your appetite for the big feast ahead) 2. Sweetdish - Sodarno (a traditional sweet with which all Bohri meals begin, rice served with sprinkling of sugar and dry fruits) 3. Starter - Chicken Sukka (a unique homemade chicken recipe which originates in Muniras' family and handed down from generations) 4. Starter - Gobi ka Salan (another unique dish originating in Munira's hometown made from cauliflower or gobi) 5. Main - Dal-chawal-palidu (a unique bohri dish which is as complex as it is simple and topped with Dhungar or smoked with charcoal right before serving to tantalise the tastebuds through the nose) 6. Dessert - Shahi Tukda - or "Royal piece" this rich dessert made with lots of love and loaded with nutrients (not to mention calories) is sure to bring you to food nirvana. 7. Masala Chai - needing no introduction - this to wash it all down at the end of a heavy meal



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