Georgian 100% plant based and gluten free cooking class


The Bencoolen
Total 4 Seats
S$ 75.00
Living room


We are going to prepare 3 amazing plant based and gluten free dishes from Georgia. Georgian cuisine it's the world’s most underrated cuisines, featuring flavors from Greece and the Mediterranean, as well as influences from Turkey and Persia. If you need an idea for an exotic dinner party, and would like to surprise your diners with a healthy delicious meal join us for a Georgian Cooking Class. We will start with spinach PHKALI - appetizer made of spinach , walnuts, spices, so light and refreshing! Georgian EGGPLANT ROLLS (NIGVZIANI BADRIJANI) will be our second appetizer - eggplant with pungent filling, nutty and creamy ! Vegan finger food. As a main course we will prepare LOBIO Red bean is the star ingredient of lobio (bean in Georgian), a kind of thick baked bean soup flavored with various herbs and spices to make a rather unique dish This class will be hands-on , we are going to cook everything from scratch , and hope we will have a lot of fun You will receive a set of the recipes so you will be able to replicate them and treat your family and friends


Parking available - nearby paid
Alcohol permitted


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